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Brambleton Spirit – One Eyewitness View

By Ann Cameron Siegal

It’s 6:30 a.m. on a blustery Saturday morning in April when folks start gathering at Brambleton’s Town Center for the 7th annual Step Sisters’ Ribbon Run to benefit breast cancer support services in the area.

As enthusiastic volunteers put the finishing touches on tables of sign-up sheets, sweat shirts and trophies, determined participants begin their warm-up exercises to lively music. Children try to stifle yawns as their anticipation grows.

Advance sign-ups already exceed 1800 runners – a number that will top out at more than 2,000 by the 7:45 start time.

Expressions of “I think I can!” “I’m ready!” join words of encouragement flowing throughout the gathering area. A group of Loudoun moms show up wearing “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” shirts. Sports teams from local schools gather for group photos.  Breast cancer survivors don pink sashes to signal their ongoing strength and resolve.

And then, the white wings appear. In a show of tremendous support for a neighbor tackling her own cancer battle, about 30 residents of Brambleton’s Angel Wing Court convene as “Sarah’s Angel Wings” to cheer their neighbor on by accompanying her along the course.

Within 30 minutes, the first runners cross the finish line, giving high fives to supporters. Many ring the personal-best bell in triumph. A spontaneous chorus of Frozen’s “Let it Go” rings out. One dad hugged his son and exclaimed, “We did it! Next year, the 10K!”

And Sarah Scarboro’s face beams at the loving support she received from her neighbors.

The spirit, camaraderie and joy shown that day will forever spur those who witnessed it to make a difference, fight the battle and encourage others. What a marvelous day in Brambleton!


Our community of homes in Brambleton, Virginia routinely hosts charity runs.


A Resident’s Perspective – Love Where You Live

By Pamela Keegan

What I continue to appreciate most about Brambleton is the very thing that captured my attention the first time I visited here over 10 years ago: its serene landscape and plentiful and varied vegetation that not only attracts wildlife in the appropriate places, but places boundaries from the hustle and bustle of vehicular traffic.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t consciously marvel over the beauty of my surroundings or watch animals like our resident Blue Heron in flight, and that brings me joy. Residents pride themselves on making their mark with pamela keegan loves where she lives with brambleton in ashburn vaexquisite new additions, remodeling, and “master gardener” like retreats, echoing the foundations of our developer’s vision to make Brambleton more than just a place, but a home to so many. Brambleton is quiet, safe, and clean, which gives us that “small town in a big city” feel my family adores.

The creation of a mini city is no small feat; Brambleton is a still considered a relatively new neighborhood, with so many families who are transplants from other cities, states, and countries, which often makes it easier for an “outsider” to move in and acclimate. Within 10 minutes in several directions is a wide variety of shopping and entertainment, sports and outdoor recreation. Being near the outskirts of Washington DC also puts us within easy driving range of both larger and smaller towns alike that have their own unique character. Brambleton has become more centralized, thus enabling closeness to all of these exciting places.

For this seven-year resident Brambletonian, the future looks bright. The cohesiveness of our community continues to strengthen and grow, fostering a closeness among neighbors where help and care are our signature strengths and are evident to all who live and visit here. Love where you live… Brambleton!


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